Who we are


Corvinus Center of Family Business aims to balance and energize the corporate, management, and family aspects of Family Owned Businesses to help them grow successfully.

CFB fulfills its mission by

  • enabling international transfer and sharing of knowledge, research and teaching,
  • disseminating relevant knowledge and experience in a holistic approach,
  • involving all kind of disciplines and sciences.

Our goals:

  • To make a measureable impact on the number, size, economic contribution, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of Hungarian family businesses inside and outside of the country boundaries.
  • To develop and provide research, training and potentially further professional services for family businesses and their stakeholders.
  • To set up a knowledge transfer platform to foster the direct exchange of family business related experiences both locally and internationally.
  • To achieve international recognition by maintaining the same professional standards as its peer organizations through adopting research topics that serve global and local interests, and through joining to international research projects and programs.